dump1 [dʌmp] v [T]
1¦(put something somewhere)¦
2¦(get rid of something)¦
3¦(end relationship)¦
4¦(sell goods)¦
5¦(copy information)¦
Phrasal verbs
 dump on somebody
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Perhaps from Dutch dompen 'to put in water, throw down']
1.) ¦(PUT SOMETHING SOMEWHERE)¦ [always + adverb/preposition]
to put something somewhere in a careless untidy way
Merrill dumped her suitcase down in the hall.
dump sth on sth
They dump tons of salt on icy road surfaces to make driving safer.
dump sth in/into sth
He found a can of beef stew and dumped it in a saucepan to heat.
a) to get rid of something that you do not want
Ellie dumped all the photos of her ex-husband.
He dumped her body into the sea.
b) to get rid of waste material by taking it from people's houses and burying it under the soil
Britain dumps more of its waste than any other European country.
3.) ¦(END RELATIONSHIP)¦ informal
to end a relationship with someone
Vicky dumped Neil yesterday.
4.) ¦(SELL GOODS)¦
to get rid of goods by selling them in a foreign country at a much lower price
dump in/on
a campaign to stop cheap European beef being dumped in West Africa
technical to copy information stored in a computer's memory on to something else such as a ↑disk or ↑magnetic tape
dump on [dump on sb] phr v
1.) dump sth on sb
to unfairly give someone an unwanted job, duty, or problem to deal with
Don't just dump the extra work on me.
2.) AmE to treat someone badly
3.) AmE to criticize someone very strongly and often unfairly
politicians dumping on their opponents
4.) dump (sth) on sb
to tell someone all your problems and worries
We all dump our troubles on Mike.
dump 2
dump2 n
3¦(unpleasant place)¦
4 down in the dumps
6 take a dump
1.) ¦(WASTE)¦
a place where unwanted waste is taken and left
rubbish dump
BrE /garbage dump AmE
The fire probably started in a rubbish dump.
Put the rest into a sack to take to the dump .
an underground nuclear waste dump
a dump site
2.) ¦(WEAPONS)¦
a place where military supplies are stored, or the supplies themselves
There has been a series of explosions in an ammunition dump.
3.) ¦(UNPLEASANT PLACE)¦ informal
a place that is unpleasant to live in because it is dirty, ugly, untidy etc
' What a dump ,' she added as they entered the village.
Why are you living in a dump like this?
4.) down in the dumps informal
very sad and without much interest in life
She's feeling a bit down in the dumps.
5.) ¦(COMPUTER)¦
technical the act of copying the information stored in a computer's memory onto something else, such as a ↑disk
a screen dump
6.) take a dump
informal not polite to pass solid waste from the ↑bowels

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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